#IAMNOTAFRAIDTOSAYIT - Religious patriarchy
source of all (DOMESTIC) VIOLENCE and WAR
all religions are plagerism from Sumeria

Stop domestic - sexual violence/harrasment !
Report them, NAME them, SHAME them

THATS a bummer for all those believers in MAN-god religions,
even man chromosomes came from FEMALE chromosomes,
so women didn't came from men, but men come from women,
now genetic evidence rofl ol
so throw your man sungod religions away..
.and go back to peacefull nature - ancestor-sun- and mother (goddess) worship !!

Denial is not a river in Egypt


END religious patriarchy sun-based religions (all) which brought us War, Greed by inequilaty
and also domestic/sexual violence and sexual exploitation

From 833.000 tot 3.000 BCE Mother-sun Goddesses ruled the world and religions.

Time to get her back!

The golden Rule:
Do for one who may do for you, / That you may cause him thus to do." - The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant 109-110, Ancient Egypt, 1970- 1640 BCE.
What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow,(rabbi Hiliel 70BCE)
later known as the Ten Commandments) should be THE religion
Even before astronomy/astrology, all animals and mankind were influenced by seasons(=starsigns)
For mankind it was long time the only religion, today 3/4 of people believe that still in influence of it or made a religion thats based on it.:-)

Outlined Pictures on Papyrus

You'lle find here info on astrology, the oldest religions, sex, pagan, occult, new age and more. .....Join!!
Contest for the 12 (zodiac) goddess of the months !

We're looking for 12 goddesses, one for every month,(twelve signs of the zodiac) ,
SO girls between 18-26 approx, send your pics in unicolor bikini or nude, frontal, eyes(face) masked.
Pics will come in gallery for members to vote on.
Send pics and id (for checking your birthdate/sign and statement for approval showing pics and why you consider yourself that goddess to info@aeongoddess.com
Skin/hair color not important, because Mother Earth is everywhere!
Sign preferably in middle of sign, but members decide ;-)
All girls applying get a FREE FULL membership, so what's stopping you?!

Best place to live as woman

Like us, share us, translate us, talk about us !!

Free dating
for girls
World Dates Travel
Due to spam, write to info @ aeongoddess.com (spamprotected) for new account Access for members only.


and so it is Christmas, New Year

* Sex talk

Mother God, Mother Universe, Mother Sun, Mother Earth, Mother Nature

Mother Nature, Mother Earth and Mother God...like Mother SUN

cause SUN and females bring life
by bringing seeds to life...
End of Patriarchy and start of NEW Matriarchy
cause we all are born as women, even after 7 weeks men keep their nipples

* Truth shall set you free

KingTutShop.com egyptian papyrus mother of pearl

Our channel: Choose TRUTH above the LIES of religion


Egyptian Mother of Pearl Papyrus
Amazon USA UK-German-French-Canada-Japan
Books Holland Italy World Dates Travel

The only thing to fear is fear itself -Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Ancient Origins


We don't want to exclude you from any information, so we don't have grades of access, simple guest, member and donor.
-Guests can view text, not attachments, some mediagalleries. They can also view our Goddess Bay for selling and buying. They can't post!
-Members can also view attachments,all mediagalleries and view our Bay. members can post, but not in mediagalleries or bay or social groups.
Paid subscription is just euro 666 a year. :-)
Sponsors(Donors) can do nearly everything the staff can, except moderation, however we allow social control in posts.
Sponsor (donor) get thus know for supporting end to religion as we know it and end patriarchy
Sponsorship is 1% of annual income after taxes, Women have preference ofc. :-)

For sponsor(donor) only
- a neat yearcalender/24 hours clockface based on round starsignmap highres jpg can be put on 40x60 cm messageboard and with 24 hours clockwork added you can track every second till whole year, date-birthdays and more.. - we're working new alexandria library with a twist, not scrolls but e-books, sponsors only, non-members only can view list of it... Additions (if legal) welcome :-)

Spread the word!
Send links to our youtube channel and this website to as many people as you want!
And YES, buying any AMAZON books thru our links supports us too... Have any idea, or investigation/e-book that may be usefull ??? contact us!

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* Organic Gardening

* It's time...now

Our time

* Weird science

Support us!

* United World


STOP RELIGION, PATRIARCHY and sexual exploitation of females!!
Cooperatism instead of corporatism and dictatorship

Femen wiki+livejournal femen+vimeo
Our God is woman,
our mission is protest,
our weapons are bare breasts
Woman use your beauty....


STOP Harrasment and sexual exploitation

Report harassment
of girls and women
  short url

Name them, shame them,
those men are not really muslim.
Qur’an 24:30-31

Computer safety

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